I had a show recently at Edgewater Arts Fest! Here are some of the amazing compliments I received:

  • “Your art is so amazing! Something you don’t really see which stands out so much! Keep Going!” (Y.T.)
  • “This is why i came… Thank You!” (Tisha).
  • “I like your art it makes me feel and think! Thank You!” (Lynn).
  • “Dope Work!”
  • “Heavy work Mr. Keith! Thanks!” (Steve G.).
  • “Nothing Gold can stay!” (Meg).
  • “Spectacular work!” (Jeff & Marla).
  • “I really like your art!” (Scarlett W.).
  • “Really beautiful work! You’re very talented!” (Sara A.).
  • “Very cool artwork! Quick question: what kind of paper do you use for the drawings to give it that ‘grid-y’ look? Again, great stuff! ” (Josh).
  • “Keep going, don’t stop” (from 3 different people). 

    This was such an inspiring show for me! Thank you, everyone! Seriously, I never stopped and never will! Love Keith