Author: keithlamb

  • So Thankful!

    So Thankful!

    I had a show recently at Edgewater Arts Fest! Here are someĀ of the amazing compliments I received: “Your art is so amazing! Something you don’t really see which stands out so much! Keep Going!” (Y.T.) “This is why i came… Thank You!” (Tisha). “I like your art it makes me feel and think! Thank You!” […]

  • Push and Pull

    Push and Pull

    When opening a door, there are a couple ways to do it. You can pull or push it open… and of course, kick it down. But pushing and pulling are what us artist like to use when we’re creating. When you are creating there is a constant pushing and pulling of the materials used to […]

  • My Poetry

    My Poetry

    -SPOKEN- Be more than expression! Be a real friend, and give me something to believe in. Not some bullshit gesture to make yourself look better Im sick of the selfishness, the using, the abusing, the accusing Im sick of your stupid laugh because you find my pain so amusing. You walk around and all i […]

  • How? Wish?

    How? Wish?

    A lot of people always say to me they wish they could draw. I always tell them that you can learn to draw, and it’s like anything in life that you want to learn to do, it takes practice. But the most important advice I can give them is to FEEL what you’re doing/drawing. If […]

  • Process n Happenings

    Process n Happenings

    It’s interesting how you start a piece with a conscious idea, yet the unconscious brings you to this whole other place. It is then that the idea/piece is onto whats it’s suppose to be without you even knowing it!